Top 5 Dental Practices in Bristol for Oral Surgery

Oral health plays a pivotal role in a person’s overall wellbeing, which is why finding top-notch dental practices can be a significant requirement for many individuals. Bristol, a bustling city located in the South West of England, boasts some of the best dental practices specializing in oral surgery. Here are the top five dental practices for oral surgery in Bristol.

1. Charlton Road Dental

Arguably one of the premier establishments in Bristol, Charlton Road Dental is renowned for its comprehensive take on dental care and its focus on oral surgery. It boasts an experienced set of dental professionals who prioritise care and compassion for patients. They continually introduce innovative techniques into their practice, ensuring that each patient receives excellent dental attention, especially in oral surgeries. The clinic provides a variety of surgical treatments like wisdom teeth removal, dental implants, and in-depth root canal treatments.

2. Smile Pad Orthodontic Centres

Smile Pad can be found right in the heart of Bristol and has been a fixture in dental care excellence for years. They are committed to providing advanced and high-quality oral surgeries. Their team of well-qualified dental surgeons handle everything from complex wisdom tooth extractions to corrective jaw surgeries, ensuring patients restore their confident smiles. The clinic offers a calming environment, ensuring the comfort of the patients is catered to during every step of the surgical procedure.

3. Bristol Dental Specialist

Situated in Clifton, Bristol Dental Specialist prides itself on having a team of highly qualified dental surgeons that specialise in oral surgery. Their comprehensive range of services includes tooth extractions, periodontal surgeries, apicectomy, dental implants, maxillofacial surgeries and more. Bristol Dental Specialist distinguishes itself by employing modern technology in their procedures, combined with holistic patient care to provide a superior experience.

4. The Dental Touch

The Dental Touch has earned a place among the top contenders in Bristol due to the thorough professionalism and skilled team of dentists. What sets this dental practice apart is its attention to the smallest of details, ensuring a seamless experience for their patients. The clinic specialises in a wide array of oral surgeries including corrective jaw surgery, facial trauma surgery, and TMJ disorders, among others. At The Dental Touch, dentist bristol the team prioritises patient comfort and high standard of care, making any oral surgical procedure a less daunting experience.

5. Queen Square Dental Clinic

As one of the leading dental clinics in Bristol, Queen Square Dental Clinic has been providing excellent oral healthcare since 1940. It boasts a team of well-experienced dental surgeons who utilise the latest technologies and cutting-edge techniques for oral surgery. Their scope of services includes wisdom teeth removal, corrective jaw surgery, dental implants and sedation options. Their key goal is to provide a comfortable, stress-free experience within a friendly environment, while delivering top-notch oral surgery services.

Finding the right dental practice can be an overwhelming process, especially when it comes to oral surgery which can cause anxiety to many. This makes it essential to choose a dental practice that not only provides quality oral surgery but also ensures a comfortable experience for the patients. These top five dental practices in Bristol provide just that, making your quest for excellent oral health much easier!